KEFOCA Conducts Coaching Clinics for Beach Football

The formation of the rival outfit has been dismissed by the Football Coaches Association of Kenya, in short KEFOCA, terming it an ineffective and unsuccessful mission. Bob Oyugi is the Secretary-General at KEFOCA. He said that the association has been continuously conducting coaching clinics in all the 47 counties but at a slow pace because it will require a lot of support from the Football Federation of Kenya. According to the words of Bob Oyugi, they are having a rough time since 2016 as they have to continue with the coaching clinics without the help of the Kenya Football Association.

He added that they have been conducting active coaching clinics all over the country with highly qualified instructors. They are also conducting coaching clinics for beach football along with other kinds. The team of instructors includes Rajab Babu, the coach for the National Beach Football team, Muhiddin, Evans Nasisi, Mohammed Kheri, among others. Oyugi also said that they have already gone to the extent of building a football coaching center at the St. Anthony School located in the Rift Valley.
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Despite Bayern Munich having a squad capable of beating any opponent as if it was beach football, the Bavarians have increasingly sought ways to fortify the strength of their team by usually poaching the most valuable player belonging to their rivals.

Borussia Dortmund fans shed tears when Robert Lewandowski left them for the Allianz Arena and years later, with the emergence of RB Leipzig, the old club has been constantly linked with their top striker Timo Werner.


On Wednesday, Marcus Rashford scored a free kick from 35 yards out as if it some beach football to win the EFL Cup tie with Chelsea and send United into the quarter finals.

The 22-year-old however admits that all is still not well with the club who has Ole at the wheels.

Other than football tabloids who wants to grab reader’s attention at all cost by cashing in on the temporary enthusiasm of a city that just won a tie in a cup not even kindergarten kids rate as anything more than a rubber trophy, it is refreshing to see someone on the inside come out and sound that people should not get carried away so much that they forget that they have an actual problem at the club that is yet to be solved.

Beach Football Tournament: Saudi Arab’s Key Attraction

Neom, which is known to be the megacity of Saudi Arabia, hosted an international soccer tournament. The tournament commenced on July 17 and ended on the 29th of the same month. It was arranged on the lush famous white beaches that are there by the coasts of the Red Sea. A Wakeboard World Cup, tennis, and rugby were also arranged alongside the football tournament in the region of Gayal within Neom. The football tournament got approved by FIFA. The tournament saw some of the best international teams who struggled to win at the beach football or soccer cup of Neom.

Some of the countries including England and China competed against teams from the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia in a venue that had been made purposely for the tournament. This was the second time that this kind of sports event had been held.
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Russia defeated Spain 5-4 in the European beach soccer qualification tournament in the Salou complex Esportiu Futbol on Sunday.

In what was a tight affair both teams were heading for extra time tied at 4-4 before Russia scored the winner four minutes from time to spark celebrations from the away end. Spain tried to mount a late search for the equaliser but Russia stood firm to earn a place in the final.

Media Rights bagged by the La Liga team, one of the highest sponsors of Beach Soccer

LaLiga, the top league for club football in Spain just grabbed both the sponsorship for the event as well as the digital media rights for the tournament (BSWW).

Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) is originally is a FIFA recognised body that organises and develops all the Beach Soccer competitions that are held throughout the world.
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Much to the frustration of football fans around the country, there was no announcement from the offices at 1 Oxford Street by the close of business on Wednesday.

The six remaining bids hoping to gain entrance into the A-League were left facing a nervous wait as Football Federation Australia’s board deliberated over A-League expansion but hinted only at a potential further delay on an announcement.

Egypt is the new hosts of the AFCON Beach Soccer

For the first time in the history of the AFCON Beach Soccer, Egypt will be location of where this tournament takes place. Throughout the entire history of this competition, Egypt has never been the hosts as instead; South Africa, Morocco, Seychelles and Nigeria have been the host of all the previous editions of this African competition.


The 2018 edition of the AFCON Beach Soccer is scheduled to kick-off on December 9 and conclude on December 14.


Senegal is the current champions of the AFCON after having lifted the latest release of the African tournament which was played back on 2016 at Nigeria as Senegal locked horns with Nigeria and Senegal emerged victorious with a final scoreboard of 8-4.
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David Silva hints at possible retirement after 2020

Manchester City star David Silva has hinted that he could step down from professional football when his contract with the club expires in June 2020. The 32-year-old has made over 250 appearances during his nine years with the Citizens but he has now admitted that he is unsure whether he may have signed his final contract.

In an interview with BT Sport, Silva acknowledged that he has a good feeling with the Mancunian giants and he would remain committed for the remaining two years of his contract before weighing up his options, he said: “I have two more years on my contract here. I feel great here. I want to stay until the end of my contract and then I’ll see how I feel physically and mentally to carry on.”
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Egypt ready for the beach soccer cup

The Egypt beach football team is preparing themselves for the Africa Beach Soccer Cup of Nations that will be held on home soil. A spokesman for the Egyptian football federation said that the team preparation is going well and that they are now focusing on the physical aspect.

He said that the players are motivated and giving their best during the training sessions and that he is sure that they will be able to have a great competition at the Africa Beach Soccer Cup of Nations. He said that this is an important tournament as the winner of the competition will get a place in the 2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. He said that the players understand the importance of such a tournament and that they will be giving their best in order to win it.
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