Iran impresses in beach football

Iran has been impressive in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in the Bahamas.

The Iranian team finished the competition third after beating Italy 5-3. The players said that they are proud of what they have achieved and that they will be looking to do better in the next competition.

Indeed Iran has amazed a lot of pundits with the level of their play. Their players were physically as well technically superior to a lot of other nations.

The players said that they dedicate this trophy to their country and that they are proud of their performance. They admitted however that it was not easy and that they had to fight really hard in order to win their games.

This is the first time that an Asian team has reached this stage of the completion and Iran should be proud of what they have achieved.

The Iranian players said that they would be looking forward to the next Beach Soccer World Cup. They said that they had paved the way for others to follow and they feel that it is not before long that an Asian team can win this competition.

One of their most important players has been Peyman Hosseini who played as the goalkeeper. He has not only made crucial saves, but he managed to score the first goal of the tournament from a long-range shot.

He was also incredible in the match against Italy where he managed to make some crucial saves to prevent Italy from running away in the scoreline. He said that Iran has been supporting the development of beach soccer and that they are now reaping the fruits.

Hosseini said that the Iranian government has been investing massively in beach soccer and this is why they have become the best country in Asia.