Beach Football Tournament: Saudi Arab’s Key Attraction

Neom, which is known to be the megacity of Saudi Arabia, hosted an international soccer tournament. The tournament commenced on July 17 and ended on the 29th of the same month. It was arranged on the lush famous white beaches that are there by the coasts of the Red Sea. A Wakeboard World Cup, tennis, and rugby were also arranged alongside the football tournament in the region of Gayal within Neom. The football tournament got approved by FIFA. The tournament saw some of the best international teams who struggled to win at the beach football or soccer cup of Neom.

Some of the countries including England and China competed against teams from the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia in a venue that had been made purposely for the tournament. This was the second time that this kind of sports event had been held.

Jason Harborow is the head of the future of the sports sector of Neom. He said that one of the reasons that they chose extreme sports for the very first time is because of the beautiful environment it has. He said that they want to achieve many things, and one of them is extreme sports at Neom. It means sport for all which includes male, female, athletes, non-athletes, children, and disabled as well. The tournament that was organized at Neom was a part of the effort that is ongoing for the promotion of the sports sector and business.

The mega city of Saudi Arabia is being marketed as a destination for tourists that have been designed for attracting elite minds and dreamers from across the world. The main aim of this kind of mega projects is to attract new work and business as an enclosure to bring in future technologies to the country. It will also act as a key power for economic growth and a leading center for investment globally.