Egypt ready for the beach soccer cup

The Egypt beach football team is preparing themselves for the Africa Beach Soccer Cup of Nations that will be held on home soil. A spokesman for the Egyptian football federation said that the team preparation is going well and that they are now focusing on the physical aspect.

He said that the players are motivated and giving their best during the training sessions and that he is sure that they will be able to have a great competition at the Africa Beach Soccer Cup of Nations. He said that this is an important tournament as the winner of the competition will get a place in the 2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. He said that the players understand the importance of such a tournament and that they will be giving their best in order to win it.

He admitted however that this will not be an easy task as there will be many other strong teams present in the competition and that the players will have to be at their best in order to win the tournament.

He believes that Egypt has the necessary players to win this tournament and that this is why the federation is giving them all the necessary resources and facilities in order to win it. He said that in the past the federation has focused more on football and neglected beach soccer and that he wants things to change in the future.

He believes that Egypt can be a great player in the world of beach soccer and that it is up to the players to deliver the goods. He said that the federation will provide them with what they need in order to prepare themselves and help them during the Africa Beach Soccer Cup of Nations tournament.