The Myrtle Beach Seahawks got their first win of the new season when they managed to see off West Florence 21-19.

Running back Jermani Green scored a one-yeard touchdown in the second period of the game to give them the edge by two touchdowns.

Following the touchdown, the Seahawks slowed their performance and allowed the visitors roll over them. West Florence stepped up and they almost saw off the game. Hale Emerson and Teyonne Murphy reduced the lead of the hosts to 21-19. They almost ended the beach football event in their favour as Cooper Wallace made a run but the whole Seahawks were insistent on running the regulation time out.

Myrtle football beach side coach Mickey Wilson was not happy with the result despite recording their first win of the 2017 season. Wilson complained that it was a “sloppy win.” He admitted that a win is a win but that the team would have to work at ensuring an overall better performance.

The Knights are impressed with their fighting spirit despite the loss. They almost rained on the parade of their hosts at the renovated Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium. Ailym Ford was particularly brilliant for the Florence team.

Luke Doty, DaronFinkley and a few others were very good for the Seahawks.They helped the side avoid their first 0-3 start to the new season – that would have broken a two decade record.