Former Egypt goalkeeper talks about his role with the Egypt beach soccer team

Former Zamalek and Egypt goalkeeper Abdel-Wahed El-Sayed has stated that he is not only in the team because of the experience that he has but also to bring media coverage to the beach soccer team.

He said that it is normal for him to help Egyptian football since he has received a lot himself from the football world.

The former Egypt goalkeeper has played for the most of his career with Zamalek and has won 17 titles during this time. He said that when it was time for him to retire he was contacted by Khaled Latif who currently supervises the Egyptian beach soccer team. They were looking for an experienced goalkeeper and also someone that could draw media attention to the team. He said that he agreed to the project, and this is how he entered the world of beach soccer.

He said that most of the players playing in the Egyptian beach soccer team come from the lower league of Egypt and that they have wonderfully adapted to the playing style. He was keen to stress that not anyone can play beach soccer since playing in the sand is not the same as playing on a pitch. He said that there were players that are good on the sand and poor on the pitch and vice-versa. He said that it is more difficult to move and run on sand that it is on a pitch, and you will need an adaptation period before you can perform on the sand.

He said that he also wants to use his free time to help promote football in his native Sinai. There are many talented players out there that have yet to be discovered and hope that through his efforts they will get more media attention.