RiyadMahrez was advised to make a career in beach football

Leicester City’s midfielder RiyadMahrez was recommended by his coach to consider pursuing a career in beach football instead of professional football.

This was because in his early days the Algerian footballer lacked the discipline and determination that is so important to professional players. Instead, he had this nonchalant attitude and creative side that is more prevalent with street footballers and beach players.

During his time at the famous Le Havre academy, his coach tried to inculcate him with this dose of discipline and rigor, but the Algerian footballer simply did not want to listen. He continued to play the way he was used to. Indeed, RiyadMahrez has grown up playing street football, and it was difficult for him to make the change to his style.

His coach was fed up with his attitude and as a result suggested that Mahrez pursues a career in beach football rather than going for the professional route. Indeed, his coach was adamant that he had the necessary skills, but he needed to make a change in his attitude,

However, he had the chance to work under Erick Moamberts, who was a coach favored skill and talents over rigor and discipline. It is under his guidance that RiyadMahrez will develop into the creative player we now know. His good form with Le Havre will attract the interest of bigger European clubs, and he will then get the chance to prove his worth with Leicester City.

If Moamberts did not come to Le Havre, chances are that RiyadMahrez would have been playing beach football and gracing the beach with his magnificent skills. Instead, he is now helping Leicester City in challenging for their first Premier League title and will certainly be playing in the Champions League next year.