KEFOCA Conducts Coaching Clinics for Beach Football

The formation of the rival outfit has been dismissed by the Football Coaches Association of Kenya, in short KEFOCA, terming it an ineffective and unsuccessful mission. Bob Oyugi is the Secretary-General at KEFOCA. He said that the association has been continuously conducting coaching clinics in all the 47 counties but at a slow pace because it will require a lot of support from the Football Federation of Kenya. According to the words of Bob Oyugi, they are having a rough time since 2016 as they have to continue with the coaching clinics without the help of the Kenya Football Association.

He added that they have been conducting active coaching clinics all over the country with highly qualified instructors. They are also conducting coaching clinics for beach football along with other kinds. The team of instructors includes Rajab Babu, the coach for the National Beach Football team, Muhiddin, Evans Nasisi, Mohammed Kheri, among others. Oyugi also said that they have already gone to the extent of building a football coaching center at the St. Anthony School located in the Rift Valley.

Robert Matano is the interim chairman at KENFOCA and the head coach for Tusker, the Premier League side for Kenya. He said that the main objective or motive for their association is to give shape to all the upcoming coaches so that both the players and the game are in safe hands. He added that it was difficult for some coaches to penetrate the Football Coaches Association of Kenya and they decided to form an association of their own for the clinics.

One of the articles published by the Football Coaches Association of Kenya said that they are answerable to the technical director of the Football Federation of Kenya but it should be like that. All the coach’s associations should run in a professional manner and they should not be controlled by any organization or individual.